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The website, its owner, and anyone involved with the site cannot be held liable for any action, error, or omission, misuse, or misuse of any of its products. No liability for damages and consequently for damages and interests can be retained concerning the purchase and any damaging consequences resulting from this purchase, especially any action, error, or omission, misuse, or prohibited use of any of its products.

The website, its owner, and anyone involved cannot be held responsible towards the buyer or user or any third party for any direct or indirect damage. The buyer and user fully assume the risks arising from the purchase, use, or importation of one of the products from

The buyer, when placing an order on this site, formally declares to be an adult in the legal sense of the term, that is to say, to be at least 18 years old at the time of the order. They also expressly declare their intention to use their purchase within the strictly legal framework of the country where they reside, where they have their purchase delivered, or any country where they transport their purchase.

No damages, whether voluntary or involuntary, serious or not, resulting from the sale, trade, or use of a product from can be held against the website, its owner, or anyone involved with the site.

It is up to the buyer to check before placing their order and ensure that their purchase does not violate any local, national, or international laws regarding the purchase, possession, import, or use of any item sold on

No refund requests will be honored if the item has been seized by customs or any other competent local, national, or international authority for a violation of the legislation.

Out of respect for public safety, we do not deliver our products to addresses considered sensitive, such as a school, daycare, nursery, public building, or any address at the discretion of

If in doubt, you commit to consulting the relevant authorities to be aware of the laws regarding the purchase, possession, import, or use of any item sold on French legislation classifies the Axe as a category D weapon. Consequently, the sale to adults is free, while the sale to a minor is strictly prohibited. Possession of such a weapon is permitted, while carrying and transporting are forbidden unless there is a legitimate reason.

In the event of a security check, you must be able to provide a valid reason. Only the police or the judge will have the authority to judge the legitimacy of your reason, considering the context, circumstances, and location of the potential offense.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that their item is securely stored, out of reach of a child or individuals without full judgment and discernment capacities. Our items are meant for display purposes only, and any other use would divert from their primary purpose.


Regarding customs, as previously stated, it’s solely up to the buyer to verify the conditions for importing items from If customs fees are applied by authorities, it’s the buyer’s, not the seller’s responsibility to cover the customs clearance fees. These fees cannot be added to your invoice; this is why they only arise in the final phase. If there’s an issue with your purchase during the customs process, they will contact you with instructions. However, we will remain available to assist you in this case, without any obligation of results.

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