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Fighting techniques with Viking axes

Viking axes were formidable weapons that played a crucial role in Viking conquests. The Vikings had developed a series of fighting techniques to make effective use of these weapons. In this article, we’ll explore the techniques of fighting with Viking axes.

The guard: The guard is a defensive stance that blocks enemy attacks. To take up the guard, the warrior holds the axe horizontally in front of him, with the handle at waist level. He can then block attacks by simply raising the axe upwards.

Slicing: Slicing is an attack in which the axe blade strikes the enemy on the side of the head or body. The warrior raises the axe above his head, then quickly lowers the blade onto the enemy.

The pike: The pike is an attack that consists of striking the enemy with the tip of the axe. To perform this attack, the warrior points the blade forward, keeping the handle close to his body. This attack is effective for piercing enemy armor and shields.

The hook: The hook is a combat technique in which the warrior grabs the enemy’s weapon with the hook on the back of the axe. The warrior then pulls the weapon towards him to disarm the enemy.

The estoc strike: The estoc strike is an attack that consists of striking the enemy with the tip of the axe, aiming at a vulnerable area such as the throat or chest. The warrior points the blade forward, then quickly lowers it onto the enemy.

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In conclusion, fighting techniques with Viking axes were varied and effective. Warriors used a combination of offensive and defensive techniques to defeat their enemies. Viking axes were versatile weapons that could be used to cut, slice, pierce and even disarm the enemy. Today, Viking axes are still admired for their beauty and effectiveness, and the combat techniques associated with these weapons are studied by history buffs and collectors alike.

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