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Viking axes in Norse mythologyLes haches vikings dans la mythologie nordique

Viking axes are an emblematic element of ancient Nordic culture. They were used in battle, hunting, navigation, funerals and much more. But Viking axes also have an important place in Norse mythology. In this article, we’ll explore the various stories and legends linked to Viking axes in Norse mythology.

The story of Thor’s magic axe

One of the best-known stories in Norse mythology is that of Thor’s magic axe. According to legend, this axe was created by dwarves for the god Thor. The axe, named Mjöllnir, was made from a mystical material called “lightning”, which had been extracted from lightning itself.

Mjöllnir was Thor’s main weapon and was used to fight giants, trolls and other enemies of the gods. The axe also had magical properties, including the ability to return to Thor’s hand after being thrown, and the ability to control the natural elements.

Skadi’s axe

Skadi was a Norse goddess associated with hunting, winter and the mountains. In a story from Norse mythology, Skadi went to the gods to avenge the death of her father. The gods agreed to compensate her by allowing her to choose a husband from among them, but she had to choose them based solely on their feet.

Skadi finally chose Njörd, a god of the sea, but found it difficult to adapt to life in the marine kingdom. Eventually, she returned to the mountains and resumed hunting. In some versions of the story, she carries an axe to hunt.

Odin’s axe

Odin is one of the most important gods in Norse mythology. He is associated with wisdom, war, death and magic. In some stories, Odin is depicted as carrying an axe called Gungnir, which was considered the most powerful weapon of all the gods.

Tyr’s axe

Tyr is the Norse god of justice and war. In some stories, he is depicted as carrying a one-handed axe. Legend has it that Tyr lost his right hand while trying to bind the wolf Fenrir, who represented a threat to the gods.

Frey’s axe

Frey is the Nordic god of fertility and prosperity. In some stories, he is depicted as carrying an axe called “Blóðøx” (blood axe). This axe was considered sacred and had magical properties, including the ability to ensure the fertility of the land.


Viking axes occupy an important place in Norse mythology. The stories and legends of Norse mythology

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